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Today's Best and Worst Post Nomination... (Average Survey Time : 30 Seconds on this part)

Welcome to my eDiary!

I would like to thank you for your precious time spent on my eDiary today. I hope, you might have enjoyed your visit to my eDiary.

I would appreciate if you can share which post did you like to be nominated as the best post among all other posts you might have visited today. Remember... it's your best category.. so you can send nominations for any of the posts you have gone through today. Even if the post is not grammatically correct, or may not be up to your taste, but if it touched you somehow... deep inside, and pulled your attention, it deserves to be nominated "Today's Best" by you!
Same way, please nominate if you find any post in "worst post" category.

It's a very short quiz and would not take much of your precious time.

All your data is kept confidential.

Please proceed next to register for nominations...

Today's Best Post Nomination by you ... (Please Enter the Title of the Post)


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